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Mighty Muslimah is a modern, dynamic and creative platform for the world wide Muslima or Muslim women. As a religious nation, Muslims inherit a reach and glorious history. Its scholars, both the men and women have contributed to almost all the sectors of human knowledge. No mention, Muslims enjoy the second most majority of the world religion but they shouldn’t be counted as mere number. As its significant part, facing numerable social milieus in the way of life, Muslim women are moving forward showing their creativity. Their flow of life are visible from the Somalian distorted hut to the Everest Summit, so as in the virtual world. Mighty Muslimah is a common platform for the Muslim women working in Politics, Economics, Culture, Social, Sports, Music, Cinema, Literature, women rights and so forth, to highlight their attainments, challenges, sacrifices and so on. Also it is remarkable that women abuse by men is a painful reflection of our society. And we should raise our voices against the issue. As we belief in Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala and His divine message:

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.” (49:13).

In fact a Muslima is that women who beliefs in Allah. So no one can be a great Muslima without respect the guidelines of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala! So if someone breaks the rules of Islam as a point of view she is not the perfect Muslimah.

It is true the world of women has been changed in course of time where not only their contributions to the civilization recognized but also if not equally to a great extent they are now getting opportunities to prove their potentials. At the same time, a huge number of women populations are captive in the ancient circle and most of them are of the Muslim community. Surely, a community can’t go further, can’t compete and even can’t put its full effort to attain anything, leaving half of them either unutilized or underutilized while the civilization stands on the joint contributions of men and women.
The essence of the beauty is postured as follows by the Orpheus of Bengal Kazi Nazrul Islam-

“Whatever in the universe is created great and ever beneficial.
One half is the work of woman, one half that of man.”
(Translation: Joseph T. O’Connell, former lecturer of the University of Toronto, Canada)

Rabindra Nath Tagore, the Nobel Laureate Universal Poet sang like this:

“Whom you drop down, he would hold you down
Whom you kept at back, to pull you down he has the knack”
(Translation: Ashique Reja, youthful writer and researcher of Bangladesh)

Therefore, it is the call of duty of bring forth the underutilized half to work together to build our own better future. Henceforth, “Mighty Muslimah” is committed to bring the underlining heavy duty in reality.

At a glance “Mighty Muslimah”:

• What is “Mighty Muslimah”?
“Mighty Muslimah” is a virtual platform for modern Muslim women who attained significant achievements conquering superstition, numerable social milieu and blockages Impression!

• Purposes of “Mighty Muslimah”?
“Mighty Muslimah” is established to bring forth the Muslim Women still confined in the ancient social and mental structure to set a conscious course of innovative life to light up the shadow encircled their world

• Who is the “Mighty Muslimah”?
Any Muslim Women, whoever has the guts to break the social superstition, milieu, barriers and limitations, has the intention to remove the dust deposited on top of the community’s heart. Who feels setting foot for herself, for the community, for the country, for the humanity subject to the loyalty to religious, social and cultural values, Nudity, showmanship, destructive, meaningless efforts may be overlooked. Only the Value added efforts would be noted. Keep in mind, all the faces in this platform are not the perfect Mighty Muslimah. It depends up to your judgment…!

• Is “Mighty Muslimah” only for Muslim women?
We believe first of all we are human being. However Mighty Muslimah is exclusively catered towards all the Muslim women but it is also a stage of those non-Muslim women who are dedicated to discover the mysterious of the life, of the planet and of the secret of human relations.  Mighty Muslimah is definitely for every non-Muslim seeking to discover what Muslim women are actually about. We are not oppressed. We are not any terrorists. We are human being that enjoy life. We are women that live our life ethically and morally, always keeping our great Creator (SWT) in our mind. We are here like some children. We are students, we are mothers and sisters, we are volunteers, we are all of different colors, accents, backgrounds, and nationalities. We are self-determining and outspoken and we are caring too. Obviously we are modest as well as beautiful women – because you can’t have one without the other.

• How do you support “Mighty Muslimah”?
You are kindly requested to put valuable ideas, thoughts and suggestions to make the platform better. You may also Donate or extend support providing logistics or advertise your endeavors or even express your support to the programme. Furthermore if you would like to know something more feel free to contact us. We have a curators panel. They are waiting for making a great interaction with you…!

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