Atifete Jahjaga

Atif Jahjaga

Atifete Jahjaga was born 20 April, 1975 in Gjakova, Kosovo. She earned a law degree from the University of Prishtina in the year of 2000 and finished postgraduate work in penal law at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom and in wrongdoing science at the University of Virginia in the United States. Mulling over global relations at the University of Prishtina, she has additionally gotten proficient preparing at the European Center for Security Studies in Germany as well as at the National Academy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States. Under Jahjaga, empowerment of women in Kosovo has highly developed. In the year of 2012, she hosted an International Women’s Summit named “Partnership for Change—Empowering Women,” which was attended by two hundred leaders from Kosovo, North America, wider Europe, Africa as well as the Middle East.
Atifete Jahjaga is the fourth president of the republic of Kosovo as well as the first female president in Kosovo. On 6 April, 2011 was distributed his nomination to hold the presidential office upheld the Democratic Party of Kosovo Democratic League of Kosovo and the New Alliance for Kosovo.. This application is likewise scowled upon by the representations Western political missions in the nation. On 7 April 2011 was chosen president by the Parliament of the Balkan republic, with 80% of the vote. In her inaugural address, the Jahjaga said as her perfect entrance into the European Union in Kosovo and make more prominent joint effort with the United States of America. Atifete Jahjaga got married with Astrit Kuci a great doctor of Kosovo.

At a glance :

  • Full name                : Atifete Jahjaga
  • Country                   : Cosovo
  • Date of Birth          : 20 April, 1975
  • Place of Birth         : Gjakova, Kosovo
  • Age                          : 39
  • Known for              : Politician, first female president in Kosovo
  • Fan page                 :
  • Official Website     :

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