Aulia Halimatussadiah

Aulia Halimatussadiah

Aulia Halimatussadiah (you could possibly call her Ollie) is a great writer of Indonesia, the largest Muslim populated country of the world.  Ollie wrote 27 books. As a muslimah she is playing a great role in Indonesian female entrepreneurship history. She wrote fiction, how-to as well as business books. Her devotion in books and certainly writing drive her to create startups just like online bookstore Kutukutubuku and online publishing NulisBuku. She is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of NulisBuku. Her contribution to the Muslim women of Indonesia is truly appreciated.

She’s actively organized #StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia and Girls in Tech Indonesia, to encourage more Muslim women to use technology to improve women’s lives. She’s been a mentor for young mentees in entrepreneurship.

She achieved a number of awards from the different organizations and country authority. That’s why she recognizes as a Mighty Muslimah for the present world. Now, she’s actively working on #StartupLokal community, the largest startup community in Indonesia, with most of her partners Natali Ardianto & Nuniek Tirta.

Aulia Halimatussadiah comes from a family of engineers and has a vivid memory of the first time she used a computer at the age of thirteen. Very presently she wanted to create her own website. She said “I never wanted to be a programmer but when I went to find out they told me that I had to learn how to code if I wanted to create my own site, so I went to the IT University.” Just 20% of the students of her own class were women, and she saw that upon graduation only 20% of those went on to pursue a career. Ollie herself was determined very quickly to leave her salaried job and become a ‘techpreneur’.

Ollie was passionate about literature and very right away realized that it was quite hard to get hold of books in her country. She said “In Indonesia, we had no dedicated online space for books and certainly wanted to change that.” So in the year of 2006, she started an online bookshop Kutukutubuku dot com, which was a very new idea at the time. She explained- “I thought that developing an online bookshop would mean that more people would be able to obtain reading material in Indonesia. The country is an archipelago surrounded from more than 13,000 islands and there’s a shortage of links. However digital could improvement.”

Then in 2010, Ollie spent the time to pursue her exhilaration. “I traveled, I read, I wrote, and one of my books was rejected by a publisher.” This special rejection proven the driver close to her second great entrepreneurial idea. “In Indonesia, when a publishing house rejects your book, you’ve lost your chance to get published and the adventure ends there.” But Ollie decided that it certainly would not end there. “It’s crazy! The unique content of your book may be very crucial but if it doesn’t correspond to the ideas you generate of your publisher no-one will ever read it. I didn’t think this was acceptable and I proceeded to launch a project to change the situation.” So Ollie launched Nulisbuku dot com, the first online self-publishing platform in Indonesia. “The principle is very simple: it’s on a demand basis. You don’t need a publisher, you don’t pay out anything, and when someone who is orders your book you receive royalties.”

Ollie believes that “writing and reading can easily modify lives” so she would like go on with to work for everyone to have access to books. “In one of my book named, ‘Girls&Tech’, I share my experience of being a woman working with the new technologies. I want people to recognize that it is possible, that you can do the things you want to if you arm yourself with the means.”

Halimatussadiah was born in June 17 in Yogyakarta, a city of Indonesia. She is the oldest child of 3 and the only daughter of her parents.

At a glance:
  • Full name               : Aulia Halimatussadiah (Ollie)
  • Country                   : Indonesia
  • Date of Birth          : 17 June
  • Place of Birth         : Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Known for              : Female entrepreneur, Writer, Blogger
  • Social media           :
  • Official Website     :
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