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Tawakkol Karman

Tawakkul Karman

Tawakkol Karman is a human rights activist, columnist, politician, and senior part of the Al-Islah political party.  She was born in 7 February 1979 in Taiz, Yemen. She concentrated on a college degree in Commerce from the University of Science and Technology in Sana’a before finishing a graduate degree in Political Science from the University of Sana’a.

Tawakkol Karman was granted the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 in distinguishment of her work in peaceful battle for the well being of women and for women rights to full support in peace building work in Yemen. After being honored the prize, Tawakkol turned into the first Yemeni, the first Arab lady, and the second Muslim lady to win a Nobel Peace Prize, and in addition the most youthful Nobel Peace Laureate to date, at 32 years old. Shirin Ebadi is another Nobel Peace Laureate of Arab World and Malala Yousafzai is the most youngest Muslim woman who got Nobel Peace prize in 2014.

Karman is a mother of three. Experiencing childhood in a politically tumultuous nation, Tawakkol saw the unification of North and South Yemen in 1990, emulated by a common war between the two factions in 1994 in which the North triumphed over the South. The civil war prompted dissidence in the South as the oppressive Northern government accepted control over the nation.
A columnist by calling and human rights lobbyist by nature, Tawakkol reacted to the political insecurity and human rights misuses in Yemen by activating others and providing details regarding shameful acts. In 2005, she established the association Women Journalists without Chains, (WJWC) which advocates for rights and flexibilities and gives media aptitudes to writers. Moreover, the association produces normal writes about human rights misuses in Yemen, archiving more than 50 instances of assaults and out of line sentences against daily papers and scholars to date.

In the year of 2007, Tawakkol started arranging week after week challenges in Yemen’s legislative hall, Sana’a, focusing on systemic government restraint and calling for investigation into debasement and different manifestations of social and legitimate bad form. Tawakkol’s week by week challenges proceeded until 2011, when she redirected dissidents to backing the Arab Spring. Tawakkol even brought Yemen’s unrest to New York talking specifically with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and arranging energizes at the UN central command.
For her brave, intelligence and the great activities for women she is known as “mother of the revolution” and “the iron lady“.

Since getting the grant, Tawakkol Karman has kept on supporting female columnists and rally Yemenis against government debasement and unfairness. Furiously dedicated to change, Tawakkol invests the greater part of her time in a tent in Change Square, where she proceeds with her tranquil challenges for equity and flexibility. For her significant achievement she is known as a mighty Muslimah.

At a glance:
  • Full name                : Tawakkol Karman
  • Country                    : Yemen
  • Date of Birth           : 7 February 1979
  • Place of Birth          : Taiz, Yemen
  • Age                           : 35
  • Known for                : Human rights activist, politician, Journalist
  • Fan page                   :
  • Official Website       :

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Manal al-Sharif

manal al-sharif

Manal al-Sharif is a brave Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia. She was born 25 April, 1979. She graduated from King Abdul Aziz University. Her subject was Bachelor of Science in Computing. Moreover she achieved a Cisco Career Certification. She was a brilliant student in her study life. After completing her graduation she worked in a Saudi National Oil company “Aramco” as an Internet Security Consultant. Furthermore she wrote for “Al Watan”, an Omani daily newspaper.

At present there is no any law in Saudi Arabia prohibiting driving as it is not mentioned in the holly Quran and therefore cannot be forbidden based on religion. It is today considered de facto against the law due to a number of fatwa’s issued to the effect. Manal al Sharif is one of the brave organizers of an online campaign encouraging women to start driving in Saudi Arabia on 17 June, 2011.
In May 2011, Manal uploaded a video of herself driving on YouTube.  After a few days she was arrested by the police and her YouTube video became inaccessible. There is no any way to hide the true that Saudi Arabia is the only country that doesn’t allow women to be present at sport events in its stadiums…!
Manal al-Sharif created a fanpage named “Teach Me How to Drive So I Can Protect Myself”. This page was prohibited by the Saudi Arabian Authority. Furthermore her Facebook and twitter account was closed. Despite the Kingdom’s restriction, Manal’s followers made copies of the Facebook events page after her arrest as well as her online message regarding the June 17 protest have been featured online by news organizations such as Al Jazeera where they cannot be so effortlessly deleted. Manal was eventually released from prison on the condition that she ceases encouraging women to participate in the June 17 event. Heroism video of Manal al-Sharif is again available on YouTube.

In Saudi Arabia “Women2Drive” movement was started by this brave woman Manal al-Sharif in 2011. Some women activists such as Eman al-Nafjan, Tamador Al-Yami and Saudi celebrity Loujain Hathoul are amongst the women who joined the “women2drive movement”. Within a few days many women drove and uploaded their videos to the internet.

At a glance :
  • Full name                  : Manal Abd Masoud Almnami al-Sharif
  • Country                     : Saudi Arabia
  • Date of Birth            : 25 April, 1979
  • Place of Birth           : Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Age                            : 35
  • Known for                : Human Rights Activist, Women Rights Activist,
  • Fan page                   : Teach Me How to Drive So I Can Protect Myself
  • Official Website       :

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Aishah Schwartz

Aishah Schwartz

Aishah Schwartz is one of the brave women in America who was reverted into Islam in 2002. Aishah is the founder and the honorable director of Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA). It was established in Washington D.C the capital of United States of America. She is now a great Muslima by heart and soul and trying to contribute with her great efforts to the Muslim world.
Ms. Aishah is additionally a published independent true to life essayist as well as photo journalist whose point is to counter misinterpretations with respect to the Islamic confidence and parts of the Muslim group. As a woman going in the Middle East, Ms. Aishah’s part as a common and human rights activist has concentrated on the privileges of Muslim women and the predicament of the Palestinian individuals influenced by the Israeli forced illicit ban on Gaza. She has likewise been covering upsets in the Middle East as a Demotix photograph columnist since January 2011. She’s also been a featured speaker in a Bridges Foundation Film, “Jihad On Terrorism” and featured in an Al-Jazeera documentary.

In 2012 Aishah told the story of her reversion to Islam as a guest speaker addressing other reverts and their non-Muslim family members at the 2012 NEMA Camp held in Tunisia. Here’s the video: “Way to Islam of Aishah Schwartz

In 2013 she settled into writing for, producing numerous articles for the ‘go-to about Islam’ website. Ms. Aishah writing, mainly autobiographical, usually focuses on countering misconceptions regarding Islam furthermore her own life as a Muslim. Concerning her experiences as an American Muslim woman traveling in the whole Middle East, her stories gained global notoriety via the internet.

She ultimately also became a featured writer for Naseeb Vibes, one of the famous and world’s largest online Muslim social communities as well as e-zines. Aishah’s articles are also frequently published at The American Muslim (TAM) and various additional outlets.

Not long after getting to be Muslim, while volunteering at the 2003 ISNA Convention she was questioned for Nile TV and later that year took part in a voter enlistment campaign at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, which prompted her first “quote” in a CBS News story. As a composition activist Ms. Aishah concentrates on common and human rights issues inside the Muslim group on the loose, especially those antagonistically influencing Muslim Women.

She tended to President Jacques Chirac, dressed as the Statue of Liberty, before the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C. as hundreds accumulated on January 17, 2004 in dissent of a looming law disallowing Muslim women from wearing hijab. In 2004 Ms. Aishah additionally took part in the live recording of great importance long debut scene of the WETA-TV arrangement “Senso Reports” – Target Washington (2004); seeming twice in cameo. For her courageous and dynamic efforts she is known as a Mighty Muslimah in the modern Muslim World.

At a glance:
  • Full name                 : Aishah Schwartz
  • Country                    : United States of America
  • Place of Birth           : Cairo, Egypt
  • Known for                : Human rights activist, Writer,
  • Fan page                  :
  • Official Website      :

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Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Ebadi was born on 21 June, 1947 in Hamedan, Iran. In the year of 1975, Shirin  was designated president of Bench 24 of Tehran’s City Court, turning into the first female judge in Iran. In the 1990s, she specialized in legal matters and started taking human rights cases. Shirin established the Association for Support of Children’s Rights in 1995 and the Human Rights Defense Center in 2001. After two years, she won the Nobel Peace Prize. However Malala Yousafzai and Tawakkol Karman are the most youthful Muslim women who got Nobel Peace Prize.

Early Life
Shirin Ebadi was destined to a group of polishing Muslims on 21 June, 1947, in Hamedan, Iran. At the point when Shirin was 1 year old, she moved to Tehran with her family. As a tyke, Shirin went to Firuzkuhi grade school, emulated by Anoshiravn Dadgar and Reza Shah Kabir auxiliary schools.

Lawyer and Judge
In the wake of passing her entrance exams, Shirin used the following three and a half years procuring her law degree at Tehran University’s Faculty of Law. Taking after and a large portion of year’s apprenticeship, she began serving as a judge in 1969, while keeping on pursuing her doctorate in private law at Tehran University.
In the year of 1975, Shirin was selected president of Bench 24 of Tehran’s City Court, turning into the first female in the historical backdrop of the Iranian equity framework to accomplish this qualification. Unexpectedly, only after four years, Shirin was compelled to leave. At the point when the traditionalist religious leader Ruhollah Musawi Khomeini was introduced after the Islamic Revolution, ladies were prohibited to serve as judges. Endeavoring to open a private law rehearse rather, Shirin was not able to get her application affirmed. She would not figure out how to get a legal advisor’s permit until 1992—three years after Khomeini’s demise.

Personal Life
That year that Shirin got to be president of Bench 24, she got married with Javad Tavassolian, an electrical engineer. For the period of 1980s, she conceived two girls. One is 23 years old and is studying for doctorate in the subject of telecommunications and the other daughter is 20 and studying in Tehran University in Law.

Human Rights Activist
Amid the time that Shirin Ebadi was sitting tight for her lawyer’s permit to be sanction, she taught human rights instructional classes at Tehran University. When she came back to law, she concentrated on cases that permitted her to supporter social equality, with a specific concentrate on ladies and youngsters. Ebadi’s most exceedingly promoted cases included speaking to the mother of Arin Golshani, a young lady who was tormented and slaughtered under her father’s care. Ebadi likewise spoke to the groups of serial homicide victimized people Parvaneh Foruhar, Dariush Foruhar and Ezzat Ebrahiminejad as well as additionally the mother of killed photojournalist Zahra Kazemi.

Notwithstanding composition a few books and articles in backing of human rights, Shirin established the Association for Support of Children’s Rights in 1995 and the Human Rights Defense Center in 2001. After two years, she was granted the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize for “her deliberations for majority rule government and human rights.”

Shirin went to the first Trust Women meeting (2012) in London, where she elevated her request of to change the sex separation laws in Iran’s constitution.

At a glance:
  • Full name               : Shirin Ebadi
  • Country                   : Iran
  • Date of Birth          : 21 June, 1947
  • Place of Birth         : Hamedan, Iran
  • Age                          : 67
  • Known for               : Human Rights Activist, Lawyer, first female judge in Iran
  • Fan page                 : real page not found
  • Official Website     :

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