mighty muslimahMorsheda Akter is the chief of the curators panel of “Mighty Muslimah”. She was born in 10 October, 1989 and completed her bachelor degree from National University, Bangladesh in 2011. Since her early life she is devoted to learn Qur’an and it’s deep secret. She continuously researches the lives of the Muslim women on the web. As a Muslima she is committed to contribute her knowledge and thoughts to the society. It is true the situation is not the same between the present and earlier in Islamic culture and spiritual. Now the Muslim women are moving forward showing their creativity. Their flow of life are visible from the Somalian distorted hut to the Everest Summit, so as in the virtual world. At present Morsheda Akter is contributing as a Teacher in Green Leaf International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is also the co-founder of Mighty Muslimah.

shahana akterShahana Akter is another curator of Mighty Muslimah. She was born in 3 June, 1987 in a respectable Muslim family. Shahana did her schooling life at the Kisholoy girl’s school and college. After completing her school life she admitted in the National University of Bangladesh where she accomplished a graduate degree in Accounting. She is a great Muslima by heart and soul. She worked in Al-Falah Bangladesh, a nonprofit organization working with the Urdu speaking Bangladeshi citizens for 2 years. At present she is contributing in OBAT Helpers, a charitable organization working with underprivileged children of Bangladesh. She is doing an important role for the Mighty Muslimah.

sayma ayshaSayma Aysha is also an important curator of this platform. She completed her educational career from the National University of Bangladesh. She is a Muslima who is positive in every step of life. Sayma was born in 18 October, 1987 in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. She has been contributing in Mighty Muslimah since the plat form has launched. From her early life she is devoted to learn about the struggling life of Muslim women. Because this path is not any ready made practice. There are so many women who gave a lot of sweat to make this path walking suitable. She is committed to work with Mighty Muslimah. Her various efforts bring the platform going ahead. She is also a founder member of Mighty Muslimah.

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