Hayat Sindi


Hayat Sindi is a name of Modern Biotechnology. She is a great Muslima and was born in 1967 in the holy city Mecca, Saudi Arabia. She wants to apply her knowledge and expertise for the help of humankind. And she has done her great job after a long journey. Many women from the middle east follow her. Hayat Sindi now is the CEO and co-founder of “Diagnostics For All”, a charitable combining biotechnology plus micro fluidics, devoted to making ease, simple to-utilize, purpose of-forethought diagnostics planned particularly for the 60% of the creating scene that lives past the range of urban healing facilities and therapeutic foundations. She is also a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Sindi’s essential destination is to create and send engineering to creating territories of the world to enhance social assurance. Sindi earned her Phd. from Cambridge University, where she was delegated Senior Lecturer at the International School of Medicine; spend significant time in Pre-Clinical Education and Public Affairs of Cambridge Overseas Medical Program.

Hayat Sindi was the first Saudi woman to be acknowledged at Cambridge University in the field of biotechnology as well as the first woman from any of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf to absolute a doctoral degree in the field. In 2010, Sindi was the champ of the Mekkah Al Mukaram award for exploratory development, given by HRH Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. She was likewise named a 2011 Emerging Explorer by the National Geographic Society. During her student life, She realized her actual concentration lay in study along these lines she chose to go abroad to proceed with her studies. Stressed over their little girl, her guardians contradicted this and did all that they could to keep her from going. Ultimately, they understood that she could just be genuinely upbeat on the off chance that she were permitted to tail her dreams true. Finally she went to England alone with bravely.

Unfortunately, the authority of Cambridge University did not identify her Saudi Arabian College courses thus Hayat was compelled to do again her studies. Even as there, a well-known researcher told the youthful Muslim lady she would come up short inside three months in the event that she didn’t shed her Hijab (headscarf) and transform her ways. Turning a hard of hearing ear to this immaterial exhortation, Hayat kept on wearing her scarf and concentrated on her studies. When she had finished the preparation by getting a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology from King’s College University in London, the splendid youthful Muslim lady happened to study Biotechnology, regardless of being told by an alternate researcher that women couldn’t be effective in that field. For her courageous and caring efforts to the human kind she is known as a Mighty Muslimah.

At a glance :

  • Full name                 : Hayat bint Sulaiman bin Hassan Sindi
  • Country                    : Saudi Arabia
  • Date of Birth           : 1967
  • Place of Birth          : Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Age                           : 47
  • Known for               : Medical Scientist
  • Fan page                  : https://www.facebook.com/Hayat.Sindi
  • Official Website     : http://www.dfa.org/

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