Khadija Benguenna

Khadija Benguenna

Khadija Benguenna is a journalist and a popular female news presenter of Al-Jazeera, a famous TV channel of Qatar. She is a great Muslima. She was born in 1965 in M’Sila Province, Algeria. Khadija Benguenna moved on from the Media Institute at the University of Algiers segment Radio and TV.
Khadija Benguenna is an Algerian journalist and stay on the news system. She is a persuasion in light of the fact that she made the move from non-hijabi to hijabi before the entire world. In the wake of thinking with herself for three years and “overcoming the devil”, one day before Eid ul Fitr, Khadija chose to wear the hijab (scurf). Dissimilar to numerous Muslim women in the professional world, Khadija was fortunate as to not need to pick between her confidence and her activities. “The top management committee’s perspective was that it was just an individual matter that would just be assessed on an expert premise,” she said. The definitive minute over wearing the hijab came to Khadija Benguenna when she had an one-on-unified with Omar Abdul Kafi, an Egyptian Islamic evangelist who shows up on an alternate al-Jazeera program.
Some of her close friends were very much shocked and asked why she rolled out such an improvement, numerous upheld her? The governing body had no issue with this at all. For her courageous effort she has known as a mighty Muslimah.
This has pushed an Arab a Nasheed gathering to discharge a melody devoted to her, to remain by her, to urge her and to help her.
Khadija Benguenna is an illustration to Muslim women as a rule and Algerian ladies specifically.

At a glance:
  • Full name                 : Khadija Benguenna
  • Country                    : Algeria
  • Date of Birth           : 1965
  • Place of Birth          : M’Sila Province, Algeria
  • Age                            : 49
  • Known for               : Journalist, news presenter of Al-Jazeera,
  • Fan page                 :
  • Official Website     :

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