Manal al-Sharif

manal al-sharif

Manal al-Sharif is a brave Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia. She was born 25 April, 1979. She graduated from King Abdul Aziz University. Her subject was Bachelor of Science in Computing. Moreover she achieved a Cisco Career Certification. She was a brilliant student in her study life. After completing her graduation she worked in a Saudi National Oil company “Aramco” as an Internet Security Consultant. Furthermore she wrote for “Al Watan”, an Omani daily newspaper.

At present there is no any law in Saudi Arabia prohibiting driving as it is not mentioned in the holly Quran and therefore cannot be forbidden based on religion. It is today considered de facto against the law due to a number of fatwa’s issued to the effect. Manal al Sharif is one of the brave organizers of an online campaign encouraging women to start driving in Saudi Arabia on 17 June, 2011.
In May 2011, Manal uploaded a video of herself driving on YouTube.  After a few days she was arrested by the police and her YouTube video became inaccessible. There is no any way to hide the true that Saudi Arabia is the only country that doesn’t allow women to be present at sport events in its stadiums…!
Manal al-Sharif created a fanpage named “Teach Me How to Drive So I Can Protect Myself”. This page was prohibited by the Saudi Arabian Authority. Furthermore her Facebook and twitter account was closed. Despite the Kingdom’s restriction, Manal’s followers made copies of the Facebook events page after her arrest as well as her online message regarding the June 17 protest have been featured online by news organizations such as Al Jazeera where they cannot be so effortlessly deleted. Manal was eventually released from prison on the condition that she ceases encouraging women to participate in the June 17 event. Heroism video of Manal al-Sharif is again available on YouTube.

In Saudi Arabia “Women2Drive” movement was started by this brave woman Manal al-Sharif in 2011. Some women activists such as Eman al-Nafjan, Tamador Al-Yami and Saudi celebrity Loujain Hathoul are amongst the women who joined the “women2drive movement”. Within a few days many women drove and uploaded their videos to the internet.

At a glance :
  • Full name                  : Manal Abd Masoud Almnami al-Sharif
  • Country                     : Saudi Arabia
  • Date of Birth            : 25 April, 1979
  • Place of Birth           : Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Age                            : 35
  • Known for                : Human Rights Activist, Women Rights Activist,
  • Fan page                   : Teach Me How to Drive So I Can Protect Myself
  • Official Website       :

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