Suhair al-Qaisi


Suhair al-Qaisi is an Iraqi journalist and a popular media face in Iraqi Television. She is an Iraqi citizen and was born in the year of 1985 in Baghdad. She joined the Faculty of Dentistry for a period, but afterward left medicine to become a great media figure. Suhair al-Qaisi started her first step in the media working in the English FM Radio in the city of Baghdad. Later than the U.S. invasion of Baghdad, she then moved to the UAE and resides in Dubai. She worked at rMBC Panorama radio. Later on, she was offered an enormous contract with Arabiya News Channel, where she is still now working. Suhair was given the title of Goodwill Ambassador by the Iraqi Red Crescent.

Suhair al-Qaisi is known by her celebrated compassionate visit to Baghdad’s Sadr City along with one of the military operations amid which she conveyed humane supports and easing materials to families inside a group that was lead by the Iraqi Red Crescent. Anchorwoman Suhair al-Qaisi developed as a superstar TV Face through the Al-Arabiya channel in the wake of transforming her course of life from turning into a dental practitioner to the field of media. She is known as the most exquisite supporter with a solid identity and sharp vicinity before her visitors from heading Arab legislators.
Once she said in an interview, “I am a debater and a reporter. I also quite love about the fast-beat news and the quick challenge during a debate. Participation in both works as there is no huge differences, if you are a perfect journalist by nature”.

At a glance:
  • Full name                : Suhair al-Qaisi
  • Country                    : Iraq
  • Date of Birth           : May 29, 1985
  • Place of Birth          : Baghdad, Iraq
  • Age                           : 29
  • Known for               : Journalist, News presenter
  • Fan page                  : real page not found
  • Official Website     : not found

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