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Jennifer Grout


Jennifer Grout is a youngster, brilliant American who was obscure to the world until she partook in season three of Arab’s Got Talent. Little girl to two artists, Jennifer was acquainted with the universe of music at an early age. Later in her life, she ran over Arab music surfing on the web, right away succumbing to it. Jennifer pulled in all spotlights after she sang a melody by the fanciful Egyptian artist, Oum Kalthoum, while playing on the extraordinary “Oud” instrument, her youth partner. As a reverted Muslima she is trying to do something better than her previous life.

Jennifer Grout, the American Singer was an atheist however as of late she has reverted into Muslim. Her singing a song in ‘Arabs Got Talent’ challenge in the Arab world in Arabic dialect propels her to revert into Muslim. She never knew Arabic dialect yet when she sang a melody in Arabic Language and got to be third in the position of that challenge, she was flabbergasted. She never suspected that she could sing admirably in Arabic language. Around then, she was twenty three years of ages.
Jennifer Grout won all the people’s hearts and minds in Arab World, dazzling with her versions of traditional Arabic tunes on ‘Arab Got Talent’ regardless of being American and not talking an expression of Arabic. Jennifer reverted into Islam in the wake of drenching herself in Arab society while living in her Moroccan fiancée.
After reverted into Muslim, she is now performing her 5 times prayers in a day, giving Zakat, and getting ready for every Ramadan. She has likewise a plan to go to and perform Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Jennifer is likewise mulling over all the more about Islam (Quran and Hadith).
It is likewise noted that, two years prior, Jennifer was an atheist. She felt in admiration with a musical performer of Morocco who got to be Muslim a large portion of a year back. At that point, a smidgen change was begun in her mind after that circumstance. Furthermore, at last she likewise acknowledged Islam. For her Significant decision she is known as a Mighty Muslimah. Here’s the references:

At a glance :
  • Full name                 : Jennifer Grout
  • Country                    : United States of America
  • Date of Birth           : 1991
  • Place of Birth          : Boston, USA
  • Age                           : 23
  • Known for               : Singer
  • Fan page                  : https://www.facebook.com/jennigrout
  • Official Website      : not found

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Hanan Turk


Hanan Turk is a well known and a beautiful Muslim actress of Arab world. She was born in 7th March, 1975 in Egypt. She has 2 brothers. After years of concentrated study in ballet, she has broken into acting in 1991. In the year of 1992, she had starring roles in The Emigrant (1994), for well-known director Youssef Chahine. In 1998, she had the starring role as well in Al-qahira menauwwara bi Ahlaha (1991) (TV)’s film, The Other (1999), two very different films. Hanan proved that she is a great actress. Success gave Hanan a dosage of Arab gratitude and after starring in numerous Egyptian films, she improved this recognition in the year of 2000 with the entry to TV series “Opera Ayda” (2000). With the aim of same year, she had a succinct but unforgettable role in breakthrough film “The Storm” (2000).

Hanan Turk, is one of the most wanted public figures nowadays. She is a celebrated Egyptian actress and an earlier ballerina. Hanan Turk is so encouraging to many Muslim and non Muslim because at the height of her recognition, she has chose almighty Allah over everything. Knowing that she would obtain a major pay cut by deciding to wearing the hijab, a special scurf for covering the head. Hanan did not care regarding worldly matters. After concerning four years of researching, she made the life changing beautiful decision to wear hijab in the year of 2006. When people asked to Hanan- why she decided to wear the hijab? She said with her smiling face, “I am a superstar here on Earth, but what I want to be is a movie star in the eyes of God, in the heavens.” Earlier to hijab, Hanan was admired by millions of friends and fans in the Arab world. Now, she is well-liked by a different set of fans global. In the year of 2007, Hanan Turk became an great ambassador to Islamic Relief, an global Charity Organization. She has traveled to many countries such as Iraq, Sudan and the United States completing contributions work. Hanan Turk hopes to be a role model for committed Muslims all over and she also hopes to help the hard-up world.

At a glance:
  • Full name               : Hanan Hassan Muhammad Abd El Karim (Arabic: حنان حسن محمد عبد الكريم)
  • Country                   : Egypt
  • Date of Birth          : 7th March, 1975
  • Place of Birth         : Egypt
  • Age                          : 39
  • Known for              : Actress, Model,
  • Fan page                 : https://ar-ar.facebook.com/H.turk.official
  • Official Website     : not found

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