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Jennifer Grout


Jennifer Grout is a youngster, brilliant American who was obscure to the world until she partook in season three of Arab’s Got Talent. Little girl to two artists, Jennifer was acquainted with the universe of music at an early age. Later in her life, she ran over Arab music surfing on the web, right away succumbing to it. Jennifer pulled in all spotlights after she sang a melody by the fanciful Egyptian artist, Oum Kalthoum, while playing on the extraordinary “Oud” instrument, her youth partner. As a reverted Muslima she is trying to do something better than her previous life.

Jennifer Grout, the American Singer was an atheist however as of late she has reverted into Muslim. Her singing a song in ‘Arabs Got Talent’ challenge in the Arab world in Arabic dialect propels her to revert into Muslim. She never knew Arabic dialect yet when she sang a melody in Arabic Language and got to be third in the position of that challenge, she was flabbergasted. She never suspected that she could sing admirably in Arabic language. Around then, she was twenty three years of ages.
Jennifer Grout won all the people’s hearts and minds in Arab World, dazzling with her versions of traditional Arabic tunes on ‘Arab Got Talent’ regardless of being American and not talking an expression of Arabic. Jennifer reverted into Islam in the wake of drenching herself in Arab society while living in her Moroccan fiancée.
After reverted into Muslim, she is now performing her 5 times prayers in a day, giving Zakat, and getting ready for every Ramadan. She has likewise a plan to go to and perform Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Jennifer is likewise mulling over all the more about Islam (Quran and Hadith).
It is likewise noted that, two years prior, Jennifer was an atheist. She felt in admiration with a musical performer of Morocco who got to be Muslim a large portion of a year back. At that point, a smidgen change was begun in her mind after that circumstance. Furthermore, at last she likewise acknowledged Islam. For her Significant decision she is known as a Mighty Muslimah. Here’s the references:

At a glance :
  • Full name                 : Jennifer Grout
  • Country                    : United States of America
  • Date of Birth           : 1991
  • Place of Birth          : Boston, USA
  • Age                           : 23
  • Known for               : Singer
  • Fan page                  : https://www.facebook.com/jennigrout
  • Official Website      : not found

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Aishah Schwartz

Aishah Schwartz

Aishah Schwartz is one of the brave women in America who was reverted into Islam in 2002. Aishah is the founder and the honorable director of Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA). It was established in Washington D.C the capital of United States of America. She is now a great Muslima by heart and soul and trying to contribute with her great efforts to the Muslim world.
Ms. Aishah is additionally a published independent true to life essayist as well as photo journalist whose point is to counter misinterpretations with respect to the Islamic confidence and parts of the Muslim group. As a woman going in the Middle East, Ms. Aishah’s part as a common and human rights activist has concentrated on the privileges of Muslim women and the predicament of the Palestinian individuals influenced by the Israeli forced illicit ban on Gaza. She has likewise been covering upsets in the Middle East as a Demotix photograph columnist since January 2011. She’s also been a featured speaker in a Bridges Foundation Film, “Jihad On Terrorism” and featured in an Al-Jazeera documentary.

In 2012 Aishah told the story of her reversion to Islam as a guest speaker addressing other reverts and their non-Muslim family members at the 2012 NEMA Camp held in Tunisia. Here’s the video: “Way to Islam of Aishah Schwartz

In 2013 she settled into writing for OnIslam.net, producing numerous articles for the ‘go-to about Islam’ website. Ms. Aishah writing, mainly autobiographical, usually focuses on countering misconceptions regarding Islam furthermore her own life as a Muslim. Concerning her experiences as an American Muslim woman traveling in the whole Middle East, her stories gained global notoriety via the internet.

She ultimately also became a featured writer for Naseeb Vibes, one of the famous and world’s largest online Muslim social communities as well as e-zines. Aishah’s articles are also frequently published at The American Muslim (TAM) and various additional outlets.

Not long after getting to be Muslim, while volunteering at the 2003 ISNA Convention she was questioned for Nile TV and later that year took part in a voter enlistment campaign at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, which prompted her first “quote” in a CBS News story. As a composition activist Ms. Aishah concentrates on common and human rights issues inside the Muslim group on the loose, especially those antagonistically influencing Muslim Women.

She tended to President Jacques Chirac, dressed as the Statue of Liberty, before the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C. as hundreds accumulated on January 17, 2004 in dissent of a looming law disallowing Muslim women from wearing hijab. In 2004 Ms. Aishah additionally took part in the live recording of great importance long debut scene of the WETA-TV arrangement “Senso Reports” – Target Washington (2004); seeming twice in cameo. For her courageous and dynamic efforts she is known as a Mighty Muslimah in the modern Muslim World.

At a glance:
  • Full name                 : Aishah Schwartz
  • Country                    : United States of America
  • Place of Birth           : Cairo, Egypt
  • Known for                : Human rights activist, Writer,
  • Fan page                  : https://www.facebook.com/aishahschwartz.activist
  • Official Website      : http://aishahsjourney.blogspot.com/

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Hayat Sindi


Hayat Sindi is a name of Modern Biotechnology. She is a great Muslima and was born in 1967 in the holy city Mecca, Saudi Arabia. She wants to apply her knowledge and expertise for the help of humankind. And she has done her great job after a long journey. Many women from the middle east follow her. Hayat Sindi now is the CEO and co-founder of “Diagnostics For All”, a charitable combining biotechnology plus micro fluidics, devoted to making ease, simple to-utilize, purpose of-forethought diagnostics planned particularly for the 60% of the creating scene that lives past the range of urban healing facilities and therapeutic foundations. She is also a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Sindi’s essential destination is to create and send engineering to creating territories of the world to enhance social assurance. Sindi earned her Phd. from Cambridge University, where she was delegated Senior Lecturer at the International School of Medicine; spend significant time in Pre-Clinical Education and Public Affairs of Cambridge Overseas Medical Program.

Hayat Sindi was the first Saudi woman to be acknowledged at Cambridge University in the field of biotechnology as well as the first woman from any of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf to absolute a doctoral degree in the field. In 2010, Sindi was the champ of the Mekkah Al Mukaram award for exploratory development, given by HRH Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. She was likewise named a 2011 Emerging Explorer by the National Geographic Society. During her student life, She realized her actual concentration lay in study along these lines she chose to go abroad to proceed with her studies. Stressed over their little girl, her guardians contradicted this and did all that they could to keep her from going. Ultimately, they understood that she could just be genuinely upbeat on the off chance that she were permitted to tail her dreams true. Finally she went to England alone with bravely.

Unfortunately, the authority of Cambridge University did not identify her Saudi Arabian College courses thus Hayat was compelled to do again her studies. Even as there, a well-known researcher told the youthful Muslim lady she would come up short inside three months in the event that she didn’t shed her Hijab (headscarf) and transform her ways. Turning a hard of hearing ear to this immaterial exhortation, Hayat kept on wearing her scarf and concentrated on her studies. When she had finished the preparation by getting a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology from King’s College University in London, the splendid youthful Muslim lady happened to study Biotechnology, regardless of being told by an alternate researcher that women couldn’t be effective in that field. For her courageous and caring efforts to the human kind she is known as a Mighty Muslimah.

At a glance :

  • Full name                 : Hayat bint Sulaiman bin Hassan Sindi
  • Country                    : Saudi Arabia
  • Date of Birth           : 1967
  • Place of Birth          : Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Age                           : 47
  • Known for               : Medical Scientist
  • Fan page                  : https://www.facebook.com/Hayat.Sindi
  • Official Website     : http://www.dfa.org/

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